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Most Americans Still Prefer Professionally Monitored Security Systems

Peace of mind remains a key driver for purchasing a home security system. In a recent study conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of LivSecure, 93 percent of Americans said it would be important that the authorities are alerted by their security system, in addition to themselves, when there is a problem at home such as a burglary or fire. Moreover, nearly two in three Americans (63 percent) do not consider self-monitored systems to be as safe as professionally monitored systems.

The survey sheds light on the most important features consumers consider when selecting a home security system including 24/7 professional monitoring that alerts authorities in an emergency situation, as well as remote access and smart home integration.

LivSecure — the self-installed, smart home security solution and a division of My Alarm Center (No. 14 on the SDM 100) — commissioned Harris Poll to conduct an online survey in February 2016 among 2,114 U.S. adults 18 and older. More than four in five Americans (81 percent) also indicated it would be important to be able to access their system remotely through a computer, tablet or mobile device when they’re not at home, and nearly 72 percent would like the option to integrate a security system to control other home functions such as thermostats and lighting.

Security Alarm Monitoring

The study also showed interest in DIY or self-installed home security systems, with 49 percent of Americans saying they are open to installing their own home security system, with parents of children under 18 in the household more likely than those without to be open to self-installation (57 percent vs. 46 percent, respectively).

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