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MegaPX ATM Camera

  • High Dynamic Range for superior images in bright backlight conditions

  • Excellent low-light performance

  • Single self-contained unit that’s easy to install

  • Two M12 lens options: 2.8mm standard lens and 3.7mm pinhole lens

  • Compliant with ONVIF’s S profile

Purpose-Built for ATMs

Capture exceptionally clear surveillance video at ATMs with the MegaPX ATM Camera. This compact covert camera delivers sharp megapixel images at close range from the inside of leading ATMs. Unlike similar manufacturer’s cameras that come in two separate parts, the MegaPX ATM Camera is a single self-contained unit, with sensor and connectors/encoder all in one for easy installation into most bank machines.

Fight Back Against Harsh Backlight

Say goodbye to washed out and overexposed images thanks to the MegaPX ATM Camera’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. The camera’s powerful HDR engine captures both high and low exposure frames and combines them in real-time to create higher quality, better exposed images, perfect for banks and credit unions that need very detailed video evidence. Further, the camera’s low-light mode delivers superior image quality, even in virtual darkness.

Won't Shift or Move Over Time

Get the perfect viewing angle with the MegaPX ATM Camera’s two mounting brackets and two lens options. The camera’s 2.8mm standard lens captures a full 3-foot vertical view of ATM customers, while its 3.7mm pinhole lens is perfect for more covert surveillance. The camera’s long and short brackets – designed to fit the unique interior of your ATM – lock firmly into place and won’t shift or move over time, even during the regular door slams of the cash vaulting process.

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