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Intercom / Audio

With an intercom system you can instantly communicate with everyone at once, an isolated group, or an individual - all with the press of a button. At VIALARM Security And Fire we have three types of intercom systems: school intercoms; door entry intercom, business intercom and IP intercom systems. Each system provides something a little different to meet the needs specific to your business or residential needs.

2N Intercoms.JPG

VIALARM'S Intercom range offers an open standard, non-proprietary solution that can operate as standalonepoint-to-point intercom systems, or integrate with your electronic access control system for added capability and efficiency.

SIP compliance allows for complex call routing, enabling communication to multiple stations at once, calls to be routed to alternative stations if they are not answered, or calls to be diverted to different units based on a time schedule. Optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) models simplify installation and reduce costs by eliminating the time and overhead associated with AC outlet installations, while providing flexibility of the install location.

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