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Residential Burglar Alarm 

Nothing is more important to you than the safety and security of your family, home, and possessions. Systems created VIALARM Security and Fire combine intrusion with fire protection, giving you confidence that you’ve provided a high level of personal security for your family and home.


Although our products include sophisticated security measures, they’re surprisingly easy to use. The keypad is the gateway to your security system, and we offer a number of types and attractive styles to suit your needs; including our icon keypad that incorporates easy to understand icons for basic functions. Simple menus and keystroke combinations provide fast, simple operation. The Home, Sleep, and Away modes allow you to selectively arm or disarm your system. Our keypads are so simple, even your children will have no trouble with basic system operation.


False alarms are common in home systems. With most systems, when you turn off the alarm you turn off the entire system, dropping the protection.  Our systems allow our customers to silence the original alarm but continue to monitor their doors, windows, and motion detectors so if necessary you can easily confirm that there’s been an intrusion. Even when silenced, the keypad illumination changes color to red to signal an intrusion.


With the many communication options included in our security panels, you can feel confident that your system will be in constant contact with the Central Station.  You also have the ability to control and check their system from any Internet-connected computer or their PDA.  When your kids get home for school, your can receive a message letting you know that the front door was opened and closed, and that the kids are safely home.

VIALARM continues to offer new features that provide a bigger payback on customers’ alarm system investment.  Geofencing provides yet another way that our customers can take advantage of their system’s automation triggers, and delivers those features via smart device. 


By having a geofence programmed on your phone, you can receive a Smart Arming Reminder if you are the last one to leave home. These features offer our customers enhanced security, reduced energy costs, and additional convenience. Only DMP offers the ability to create and control geofencing directly from a cell phone in the App. Users can create a geofence directly on their smart phone.  Once created, you can link it to one of your Favorites, which are user-defined sets of automation features. Multiple geofences can be created to activate more than one Favorite, or to activate Favorites when you enter or exit certain geo-locations.

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