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Rugged Razberi - The Extended Performance CCTV Video Server

The tough, all-in-one, intelligent video surveillance appliance designed to go wherever you need it, and manageable from wherever you are. Rugged razberi provides a hardened, fanless design that protects mission critical surveillance from extreme temperatures and dusty, dirty conditions. Like all Razberi appliances it includes a server, storage, and managed PoE switch in a compact form factor along with health monitoring and cyber security software. It is engineered and ideally suited for use in remote and perimeter applications: oil and gas, city surveillance, perimeter and border protection, tool booths, financial and ATM, convenience stores and more.

Rugged by Design:

Encased in a hardened design, the appliance can withstand extreme operating temperatures from -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F). The fanless, industrial appliance protects from dusty, dirty conditions. Rugged razberi is ready for use out of the box or with a standard NEMA, IP 66 enclosure. The small rugged chassis is flexible and includes standard DIN rail mounting. It is UL and CE certified.

High Performance, Reliable Video:

Rugged razberi packs unmatched performance with Quad i5 processing and reliable, extended temperature, solid state disk (SSD) storage up to 4TB. It provides Dual Gigabit Compo SFP uplinks for fiber networking to get to hard to reach sites. And, because it records in a distributed architecture with physical connection to each camera, when network issues arise, the video never takes a hit.

Manageable from Wherever You Are:

And because you’ll use Rugged razberi in the far reaches, intelligent features including Razberi VyneWatch™ health monitoring and LocBeri™ cyber security will make it easy to manage, maintain and protect your appliances and IP network. Razberi is built on open-architecture to support best-in-class, certified VMSproducts. And, is always designed for easy maintenance and field support.

Part of a Family of Razberi appliances for Every Need:

Rugged razberi works consistently with a complete suite of intelligent surveillance appliances for different needs and applications from the corporate environment, to a pump site, or retail location. System integrators and end users can use Razberi in a distributed appliance architecture to provide reliable, high performance surveillance recording.

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