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Burglar Alarm Platforms for Every Need

The Internet Of Things offers our clients more options than ever before, at a price you can afford.


Total product line

You have access to our complete product line that includes panels, sensors, other devices and software, plus related communication services.


Products engineered for easy installation

The faster you can install and program a system the sooner you can be on to your next job. Your customers will also appreciate you finishing the job more quickly.


Products designed for ease of use

Your customers will enjoy the intuitive controls and simple-to-understand DMP keypads. You don’t have to spend a lot of time training them or making return support trips.


Total solutions 

Integrated panels that do the whole job in a single system provide a neater, more compact installation for the customer and reduce the components you need to inventory.


No technology dead ends

Our Keypads and other devices are forward and backward compatible, with non-proprietary open-architecture lets you easily integrate equipment from multiple suppliers


Dependable support 

Your support requests are quickly handled by a caring DMP employee right here in Missouri, where our products are designed and manufactured.  


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